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W I began understanding the benefits of cannabis in 2010 when I learned a close friend was medicating with marijuana to curb the effects of cancer and chemotherapy. Our friend sadly passed from the illness, but the memory of his experience with medical marijuana stirred a desire for me to learn more. At 30 years of age I had not been informed of the qualities of this plant. Also at that period of time Arizona voters passed Proposition 203 for a State run medical marijuana program. I completed training and education programs at both Greenway University and Cannabis Career Institute in advanced cultivation and business creation, focusing on logistics. I registered Arizuana llc and secured this domain name in 2010 to create a website for a caregiver service. State approved residents began receiving id cards to distinguish them as qualified (qualifying condition to be recommended marijuana by a physician.) patients that can obtain marijuana at the new dispensaries about to open. Dispensaries did not begin operation for quite some time after patients began getting the green light to possess and consume marijuana. Without dispensaries to go to patients would seek out caregivers and other cultivating patients. In mid 2011 Arizona-Marijuana.com began ranking in online search engines for Arizona Marijuana Delivery, caregivers etc. As patients needed meds, I and others in my small collective would accommodate deliveries and assist in the cultivation of varied strains of cannabis.

In September of 2011 I learned of an opportunity to further my cannabis knowledge and gain tenure in the industry with a community north of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. I relocated for just shy of 2 years to participate in the culture and industry with the highest concentration of cannabis growers in Canada. While in Canada I restructured this website to do more than what I could do physically with our previous small collective in Phoenix.

I am the sole administrator for this domain and invite you to get to know me and/or use my services to help bring transparency, honesty, affordability and access to all members of AMMPID.com

At AMMPid.com you  can interact with Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Patients, Caregivers, Dispensary Agents, Physicians and business professionals.

Willy Cummer